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persona 4 again (I really need a life, huh?)

Okay, so, about Naoto's voice.

IT SOUNDS LIKE A FREAKING GIRL. ARGH. Even if I didn't already know about Naoto's being-a-girl, I would certainly know after hearing her voice. She does look pretty much like a boy, and if her voice sounded less girly (it's not really girly girly, just, you know. It sounds lowish, but not like a boy's voice.), I wouldn't be able to tell so obviously. It's just kind of bugging me. Like, HELLO, SOUJI, STOP CALLING HER 'THE BOY WITH THE CAP', SHE OBVIOUSLY HAS BOOBS.

...this is of course not going to help at all with Kanji's issues.

And Kanji. Wow, that boy has issues. 'I think he might have some sort of a complex' is about right, Naoto. Remember, Kanji, repression isn't healthy. Also, his thing on the TV? MY BROTHER WAS IN THE OTHER ROOM WHEN THAT WENT ON. I had to click through really fast so he wouldn't hear all of it. I wonder what he thinks about this game now xD

His reaction to Naoto asking to talk to him was cute, though. For certain values of cute, but man, that whole thing is seriously not helping, huh?

Also, Yosuke. Stop freaking out about it, we all know you're so far in the closet you're in freaking Narnia, seriously.

In other news, I got my fingernail bent back today playing basketball in gym, and now the top half of it is completely purple. And I can't move my thumb without it hurting. The sub we had apparently thought it was good idea to have two groups of people shooting baskets on the baseline, on the same basket but on opposite sides, so that they were basically shooting basketballs at each other. And if anyone went too high or too low (aka me and like ten other people), the basketball would go and hit the other group. Real smart, teacher.
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